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Fat (g)
KFC Original Recipe Chicken Wing 14090102.55541459
KFC Original Recipe Chicken Breast40022024613511161629
KFC Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick 140809275422413
KFC Original Recipe Chicken Thigh250160184.595747616
KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Wing220140154554151010
KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Breast4702402881608741739
KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Drumstick19511012377375715
KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Thigh3802502771186251421
KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken Wing21013025455350910
KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast50527029816211702338
KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken Drumstick 1759010377360913
KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken Thigh3552252671266301319
KFC Original Recipe Sandwich w/ Sauce450200225709403329
KFC Original Recipe Sandwich (no sauce)360120133.5608902129
KFC Triple Crunch Sandwich w/ Sauce490260296707103928
KFC Triple Crunch Sandwich (no sauce)390140154.5506502925
KFC Triple Crunch Zinger Sandwich w/ Sauce550290327858303928
KFC Triple Crunch Zinger Sandwich (no sauce)390140154.5506503625
KFC Tender Roast Sandwich w/ Sauce350130153758802632
KFC Tender Roast Sandwich (no sauce)2704551.5656902331
KFC Honey BBQ Flavored Sandwich w/ Sauce31050621255603728
KFC Colonel's Crispy Strips (3)3001251645611651826
KFC Spicy Crispy Strips (3)3351401547011402325
KFC Popcorn Chicken (small)362207236436102117
KFC Popcorn Chicken (large) 62035640107310463630
KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pie 77037842137021606929
KFC Hot Wings Pieces (6)47129733815012301827
KFC Honey BBQ Pieces (6) 607343381019311453333
KFC Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy (4.8 ounces)12050611440171
KFC Potato Wedges2801201345750285
KFC Macaroni & Cheese (5.4 ounces)180708310860217
KFC Corn On The Cob150151.50020355
KFC BBQ Baked Beans (5.5 ounces)19025315760336
KFC Cole Slaw (5 ounces)23212113.528284262
KFC Cole Slaw (5.6 ounces)23013014215540234
KFC Biscuit18080102.50560204
KFC Double Chocolate Chip Cake32014016455230414
KFC Fudge Brownie Parfait28090103.5145190443
KFC Lemon Creme Parfait41013014820290627
KFC Chocolate Creme Parfait290130151115330373
KFC Strawberry Shortcake Parfait200607610220331
KFC Twister6003003475014305222
KFC Honey BBQ Crunch Melt5562352656010104833
KFC Pecan Pie*49020023565510665
KFC Apple Pie*3101301430280442
KFC Strawberry Creme Pie*28013015815130324
* a suggested serving size of 1 slice
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