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Subway Classic 6" BMT4532162485617404021
Subway Classic 6" Cold Cut Trio4151842075716704019
Subway Classic 6" Meatball 50122825105613504623
Subway Classic 6" Seafood & Crab378141164.52412704614
Subway Classic 6" Steak & Cheese362117134.53712004123
Subway Classic 6" Subway Melt3841361554417204022
Subway Classic 6" Tuna4191902154211803918
Subway Select 6" Asiago Caesar Chicken3911381534710004122
Subway Select 6" Caesar Italian BMT 53028531106618404122
Subway Select 6" Honey Mustard Melt3761031154415904722
Subway Select 6" Honey Mustard Turkey w/ Cucumber275323.51209904616
Subway Select 6" Horseradish Roast Beef401154173278804218
Subway Select 6" Horseradish Steak & Cheese 4681982264411104322
Subway Select 6" Southwest Chicken362118132.5439604021
Subway Select 6" Southwest Steak & Cheese4121651864411204222
Subway 6" Ham261404.51.52512603917
Subway 6" Roast Beef264414.51208403918
Subway 6" Roasted Chicken Breast3115161.5488804025
Subway 6" Subway Club2944651.53312504022
Subway 6" Turkey Breast254343.512010003916
Subway 6" Turkey Breast & Ham267394.512612104018
Subway 6" Veggie Delite 200232.50.50500377
Subway Deli Ham Sandwich 194323.51127503010
Subway Deli Roast Beef Sandwich2063641136003112
Subway Deli Tuna Sandwich309138154268103112
Subway Deli Turkey Breast Sandwich 200313.51137003112
Subway Asiago Caesar Chicken Wrap4131371534713204722
Subway Steak and Cheese Wrap35384943714004622
Subway Turkey Breast & Bacon Wrap3216772.52815104518
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