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Whataburger Taquito, Bacon & Egg377203488812820
Whataburger Taquito, Potato & Egg372193407913514
Whataburger Taquito, Sausage & Egg382223557272817
Whataburger Taquito, Chorizo & Egg344192737842715
Whataburger Egg Omelet Sandwich292152257242815
Whataburger Breakfast-On-A-Bun w/ Sausage460302548382923
Whataburger Breakfast-On-A-Bun w/ Bacon322162238142918
Whataburger Pancakes (3)300301080579
Whataburger Pancakes (3) w/ Bacon (2 slices)3758813915816
Whataburger Pancakes (3) w/ Sausage Patty513223914145720
Whataburger Plain Biscuit290150720335
Whataburger Biscuit w/ Bacon36520810303411
Whataburger Biscuit w/ Sausage503343910543416
Whataburger Biscuit w/ Sausage Gravy47932161567488
Whataburger Biscuit w/ Egg & Cheese4162423710603414
Whataburger Biscuit w/ Bacon, Egg, & Cheese4912924413703521
Whataburger Biscuit w/ Sausage, Egg, & Cheese6294327513943425
Whataburger Bacon (2 slices)755731116
Whataburger Scrambled Eggs (2)16211454134213
Whataburger Sausage2121838334011
Whataburger Cinnamon Roll4306160631725
Whataburger Hash Brown Sticks (4)14080440160
Whataburger Whataburger596297511665331
Whataburger Double Meat Whataburger8364615013045351
Whataburger Whataburger Jr.30515356882917
Whataburger Justaburger29512356822716
Whataburger Grilled Chicken Fajita Taco33397510793728
Whataburger Beef Fajita Taco324134211493021
Whataburger Chicken Strips (2)38024307002218
Whataburger Grilled Chicken Sandwich453188411644931
Whataburger Whatacatch45933328614418
Whataburger Whatachick`N580306410965628
Whataburger Garden Salad560032113
Whataburger Garden Salad w/ Cheddar Cheese22515432341113
Whataburger Grilled Chicken Salad2165756321925
Whataburger Grilled Chicken Salad w/ Cheddar Cheese385191188341935
Whataburger Low Fat Ranch Dressing70420640102
Whataburger Low Fat Vinaigrette Dressing352089060
Whataburger Thousand Island Dressing1601215490120
Whataburger Ranch Dressing310332047031
Whataburger French Fries (junior)240140206373
Whataburger French Fries (regular)420210309515
Whataburger French Fries (large)560290411697
Whataburger Onion Rings (regular)307170403364
Whataburger Onion Rings (large)464260608546
Whataburger Chocolate Chunk Cookie14082510353
Whataburger White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie240122520313
Whataburger Hot Apple Pie250120181342
Whataburger Vanilla Shake (small)559.117.264301.181.712.9
Whataburger Vanilla Shake (medium)834.225.796449.2121.919.3
Whataburger Chocolate Shake (small)616.216.760325.3100.213.1
Whataburger Chocolate Shake (medium)904.824.890478.5145.719.5
Whataburger Strawberry Shake (small)619.616.160296.410112.1
Whataburger Strawberry Shake (medium)782.424.190421.3114.318.1
Whataburger Coca-Cola Classic (medium)2400014.665.60
Whataburger Cherry Coke (medium)353.60014.6680
Whataburger Sprite (medium)235.50053.4630
Whataburger Fanta Strawberry (medium)264.70019.470.40
Whataburger IBC Rootbeer (medium)267.20097.270.40
Whataburger Dr Pepper (medium)218.50072.963.10
Whataburger Diet Coke (medium)00033.500
Whataburger Lipton Iced Tea (medium)000000
Whataburger Minute Maid Lemonade (medium)235.50099.563.10
Whataburger Minute Maid Orange Soda (medium)25700070.40
Whataburger Coffee (small)500500
Whataburger Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice140000332
Whataburger Milk (2% fat)120520115118
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